Portable Projector for trainers in Remote areas

OMPT is a non-profit organization which provide government and civil society organizations from all over the world and within many disciplines cutting edge video technology, equipment and the training to improve messaging, reach and impact. They Had a vision to develop a portable projector for remote communities. The NGO asked us develop a concept design and create a professional illustration for the Portable projector. Along with Size and Efficiency, they also wanted it make Water, dust and Drop resistant so that its usability doesn’t get affected by the location of use.

Client gave feedback that our Design is lacking the view of an actual projector. Also, They Wanted us to make places for buttons and ports, including details to the surface. After revision one, Client asked us to Modify the original Drawing and make space for a detachable speaker and asked us to create an alternative design which incorporates a power drill battery.


During the project, we received multiple feedback from client. And that brings a handful of changes to the original design. We modified carefully according to it and were finally able to deliver the expectations of our client.

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